Flame for human rights in mental health services!

Torch relay!

Peace in minds, brings peace in societies!

We don’t need no forced control! We need self determination, human rights and respect! We need people to believe our words about our lives!

We need alternatives to psychiatric drugs, electroshocks, psychotherapy and other traditional psychiatry!

The Earth will be a more peaceful place to live when forced psychiatry is forbidden!

This flame will burn until someone receives the Nobel Peace Prize for that the Earth became a more peaceful place after the forced psychiatry broke down – far down into the deepest abyss of shame!

No security without Human Rights! No life without Human Rights! Equal rights for all human beings – outside and inside psychiatry! (Photo: Amnesty.no)

Forced psychiatry must be strongly forbidden by international punishment law! – to fright and warning for future generations!

And this flame will burn long after that – in honest memory of all the pain, suffering and violations caused to countless persons by the forced psychiatric system!

Some beautiful day! We Shall Overcome!

We Shall Overcome!

See also Facebook: «Flame for human rights in mental health services!«

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